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Monday, June 20, 2011

Why we don’t Haggle at Junk

    It’s silly (see my last post) , it’s time consuming & it’s inconsistent (different day ,different salesperson , different price - huh?). But mostly it’s unfair- to you - the buyer.  I knew,  when I set this policy, that some people wouldn’t like it.  I never dreamed it would make them violently angry!  Really- we sell junk not penicillin!  Our policy is to give everyone the same price and give everyone our best price the first time. No special rates for “good” customers - we think all our customers are good!  No higher prices for tourists or the inebriated!
     We do mark things down. We do have sales.  We do not ever discount at the counter.  That’s our store policy - not a debate topic. And that’s all I have to say.


  1. but sometimes it's worth it just to make your customers feel special. Raise your prices a bit then give your salespeople the option of giving 20% off... I run 2 stores and this is not time consuming & it’s not inconsistent and it’s not unfair. Honestly, it just kinda seems lazy and mean on your behalf... Your staff is a bit lifeless and too cool for school... so this unwillingness to bend on the price of a $50 old wooden box with old dried dirt makes your customer feel a bit uneasy about spending their hard-earned money... giving a bit of a discount shows respect and gratitude toward your customer... Honestly I used to shop at your store all the time. Now I don't even bother. The irritation that I've experience from the owner to the sales staff toward me asking a simple question has definitely chased me off.

    1. Oh my gosh, I think this is a horrible response! I own a Resale, Antique and Consignment shop and I do not haggle or bargain. We have frequent sales, do daily markdowns, but never haggle over a marked price. It is unfair to over-inflate prices and then bargain down just so your customers think they got a bargain! Why should I be in the business of stroking someone's ego? Most intelligent folks know that bargaining is just a scam! The ones who get hurt are the ones who WON'T ask for a discount and pay the over-inflated price.

    2. I totally agree that the 9/9/2011 response was horrible also! I own a consignment shop and I never haggle because I DO NOT OVER-INFLATE MY PRICES TO BEGIN WITH! We also have weekly sales, do daily markdowns and often times have a "free box" outside.

  2. So, Anonymous, you have 2 stores where you artificially jack up the prices, so you can make your customers feel good by bargaining down to the real price - stores where folks who don't ask for a discount are simply overcharged 20% - and you think this is fair? No wonder your post is anonymous!

    I think you missed the point of my original post - which was to explain to buyers how "haggled" discounts are fake - that stores (like yours) just give inflated first prices, then discount down to the real price. Your comment reinforces what I said.

    I also know that some folks (like you) need the extra ego stroking - and for them shops that haggle are a better choice.

    Junk is, always has been, and always will be a fixed price shop. Our policy is to give our best price the first time & to give everybody the same price.

    And honestly, although I appreciate your suggestion that I "raise my prices" - I really think it's a bad idea.

  3. We own a store that sells both pre-owned and new inventory. Most of our stock is purchased through a vendor or other avenues. We have a no haggling policy as well. We know what we paid for it and what we can sell it for and don't over inflate our prices to begin with to accommodate hagglers. I think it is rude and offensive to try to haggle over and over again with a store that has a no haggling policy posted. Some customers will try every time and once you start haggling, then they want to haggle on every piece of merchandise in your store. You can't do this at Walmart, the price is what it is.