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JUNK has two Williamsburg Brooklyn locations - 436 Union Ave & 567 Driggs Ave - the Driggs store is open 9-9, 7 days a week. The Union Ave store is open every day 11am to 8 pm. To reach The Driggs Ave store take the L to bedford & exit on the driggs ave side. For the the Union Ave take the L to Metropolitan AveCheck out our new website: Junk11211.

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Why do you sell that? Questions we hear all day long #1

     As people wander through the store, we often hear them muse - “Why do they sell that? “  The answer is really simple.  We stock items our  customers ask for & buy.  If no one buys it we stop carrying it. 
     Older people are often confused  by our vinyl section (No one buys records any more!) or our old keys & photos (who would buy that?)
     Younger folks, especially those new to the city,  can’t understand why we stock distressed furniture or non-working outdated electronics.  They are simply unaware of the constant  need for props in this media driven town.
     Junk doesn’t have any lofty goals.  We sell cool old stuff - $.99 VHS tapes (because we love movies)   and  $50 vintage suitcases because they look  great - carried to the airport,  stacked for a window display,  or scattered about in a 1940’s train station scene.
     Our customers include high school kids & retirees - art students, young couples, restaurant designers, & major movie studios.  We try to serve them all.

      So stop by, take a look & pick the item that’s right for your needs. And remember - it’s a big city - other people have other needs. We’re here for them too.